Societal Expectations of Young Adults

Dr. Catharine Toso explains Societal Expectations of Young AdultsBeing a young person in today’s age can very challenging. There is so much change going on. Throw in modern technology and it makes it so much harder to escape peer pressure with life at that age.

Growing into a young adult is never easy. It is a time of self-exploration, confusion, instability, and possibilities. There are societal expectations that young adults face that may not blend with who they naturally are as a person. This can be really confusing and can alienate them from their peers. They most likely will get bullied for being different and in more extreme cases victims commit suicide. Some social expectations include:

Education: There is social pressure to be educated. Going to college means you are smart, educated, and have a bright future ahead of you. People may use their education as a way to feel superior to others, thus putting others down for not going to college.

Young man in deep thoughtLove and Marriage: There are social expectations for young adults to be in a relationship. If you are not, you’re a loser or uncool. The underlying message is that there is something wrong with you if you are not involved with someone. There also is an expectation in our society and the world to get married. Generation upon generation of parents, family, and friends pressure their loved ones about when they are getting hitched whether they have a significant other or not.

Children: This is another societal expectation that creates a lot stress and pressure on a young adult’s psyche. What if they do not want kids? Especially for women, they are asked quite frequently this question. If they do not want children, they are seen as weird, selfish, broken, etc. It really is a personal choice and a huge one at that! Some people just do not want kids and that is okay. It is a lifelong commitment that can’t be taken back.

Money: In society having money speaks volumes. You’re able to buy all the newest cool gadgets and toys. Having a fancy and expensive car doesn’t hurt. Now when you don’t have money and are poor, rich people can treat you like you’re less of a person. Kids beg their parents to buy them the latest cool smartphone because all their other friends have one. Not everyone can afford things like that. Society has to become more excepting of people different from themselves.

5 Family Bonding Activities to Try this Holiday Season

The holiday season can get busy. With all of the hustle and bustle that surrounds holidays, sometimes the most important part gets lost in the mix. Regardless of your background, the holiday season is a perfect time to remember the most important people in our lives, our families. The holiday season provides an excellent opportunity to reconnect and bond with your special people. holiday wreath with ornaments

Build a Snowman or Watch a Holiday Movie

Depending on where you live, building a snowman with your loved ones is a great bonding activity. It’s not just for young children. Older children, adult children, and couples can enjoy the healthy and genuine fun that creating a snowman gives a family. Deck your snowman out in a holiday theme and hope the cooler temperatures guarantee your snowman will last. If you live somewhere where snow is not in the forecast, try watching a holiday movie together instead. You can watch one about a snowman, and you can use your imagination to create a unique snowman that doesn’t require snow. Let your imagination and bonding guide your ideas.

Decorate a Holiday Tree

A holiday tree shouldn’t get reserved for particular belief systems or traditions. If you live in a household where a holiday tree is a tradition, then kick off the holiday season by decorating it together. You can make your ornaments and get creative with the way you decorate the tree. Even if you are from a household where a holiday tree is not a tradition, you can start this tradition this year. A holiday tree is an excellent way to welcome the winter season. Break out a string of lights and inspire new tradition in your home.

Bake Cookies or Pies

Not much says it’s the holiday season like the scent of fresh cookies or pies. Even for the most health conscious amongst us, baking together is a great way to bond. Let young children get creative by decorating cookies or let older children get creative with ingredients. When you are finished baking, make sure you give yourself a break, and enjoy the fruits, or cookies and pies, of your labor by indulging together.

Read Holiday Stories

Reading a holiday story is a great way to start the holiday season. Take turns reading and doing voices for the characters. Reading opens up a world of creativity, and it’s a wonderful way to expand creativity and bond together.

Sing Holiday Songs

You don’t need a Billboard 100 voice to enjoy singing together. Let your guard down, and enjoy the company of your family by singing classic holiday songs. It’s a fun way to showcase your talents or showcase your humility.
During the holidays this year remembers the people who give your life meaning. It’s easy to lose sight of the reason for the holiday season, but a perfect way to give thanks is by embracing your family and making time to bond.

Keeping a Marriage Healthy

Spousal communication is the key to a happy marriage and, if kids are involved, a healthy family life. Writing for Psych Central, Margarita Tartakovsky, M.S sought insight from family therapist Ashley Thorn, who shared several of the pointers she often gives clients.

Making Time

This is, understandably, the foundation on which all other goals are built. Between children, careers, and personal maintenance, spending quality time with your spouse can be quite a challenge. Thorn provides several suggestions for meeting a base-level of quality time with your partner. For starters, she mentions that you should make time once a week to discuss upcoming schedules. Being aware of major activities throughout the week means you know when to ask for help and when to give them some alone time.

Thorn also tells her clients to set apart two hours per week for quality one-on-one time, allowing them to reconnect and rekindle. Presumably this is time spent alone, or out on the town. But every few months it is necessary to really let go and plan for an extended getaway. You chose your partner because you enjoyed their company, so continue to make that a priority.

Your Spouse is Your Friend

“Friendship is a large part of the basis of a good committed relationship,” writes Thorn. Think of your spouse as your best friend first. This means reflecting on what a good friend means to you, and then pursuing it in your relationship. Don’t be shy to probe and ask questions— you never know someone 100%. What are their likes and dislikes? There’s always more to find out!

Get a Handle on Stress

Instead of dealing with stress effectively, Thorn notices that sometimes clients lash out at each other. In order to prevent this, you need to take a closer look at you. Find out what stresses you out, then learn to deal with it in an productive and mature way. Maybe meditation works for you, or perhaps it’s retreating to a place of quiet. And of course, there is always exercise.

Knowing how to cope with everyday stressors will lead you to positive interactions with those in your family.

Types of Family Counseling

Family therapy is unique because it doesn’t necessarily follow the assumed one-on-one model that other counseling sessions follow. Family therapy is rooted in the idea that one’s behavior is inseparable and originates from the family unit, and that understanding that complex relationship is necessary for resolving conflict in the family life. But while it does form its own unique aspect of therapy, one aspect it has in common with other areas of therapy is that there are many different techniques used to achieve similar goals. This post will break down several of the techniques highlighted over at Keep in mind that this is just an overview, but there are many resources available should you wish to learn more! [Read more…]