Meet Dr. Catharine Toso


At times, families may encounter hardships in their personal interactions with each one another. Catherine Toso can step in and assist as a neutral third party. Dr. Toso is a child and family therapist with a doctoral degree in social work. Due to her extensive educational background and years of experience, she has specifically devised approaches to her treatment. She ensures that her methods are designed to best suit each unique family situation. Change, improving communication skills, and repairing relationships is often the goal in perusing family treatment.

As defined by Catharine Toso, family change is often correlated to the ways family members interact with one another, as well as how that correlates to each family member’s developmental status, especially when children are involved. Giving acknowledgement of these areas can help couples, families, and children journey towards a solution.

Catharine Toso utilizes her experience as a clinician working with children, adolescents, and families in a variety of ways. She maintains her own private practice as a psychotherapist. In this role, her concentration is on the treatment of children, adolescents, and families for a variety of issues. In addition, Catharine Toso specializes in treatment for children and families who are going through the process of divorce. This treatment may involve working with children individually and helping them cope with the changes of family divorce, or it may involve helping to repair a ruptured relationship between a parent and a child following a divorce. In addition, she maintains a forensics sub-specialty in doing child custody evaluations for the court.

Catharine Toso completed her Doctorate of Social Work (DSW) in August of 1993 and has since gone on to accomplish a great deal. She has been an aid to families going through tough times and continues to offer her expertise while families aim for positive change. If you plan on pursuing a profession in this field, Catharine emphasizes the importance of really loving what you do. Careers where you are committed based on your personal interests are generally more enjoyable.

Going through a divorce or facing challenges within an intimate relationship can be quite straining for those parties involved. Sometimes, it can feel like having to bare constant suffering and many times people are not sure of where to turn. In search of a therapist, Catharine Toso recommends that potential psychotherapy clients refer to their insurance companies for help in locating a professional. The goal should be finding someone with which they feel most comfortable. It often makes sense to meet with several in the industry before settling on one person.